Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Server crash (FB1.5 SS final windows)
Author Bob Murdoch
At 2/24/2004 09:43 AM, Ian Newby wrote:
>Hi Folks,
> I've got a small database, <7 tables which I am trying to pump
>some test data into (generated by the test data generator in
>If I try to generate too much the server crashes with the following
>KDEV01 (Server) Tue Feb 24 14:37:26 2004
> Access violation.
> The code attempted to access a virtual
> address without privilege to do so.
> This exception will cause the Firebird server
> to terminate abnormally.
>What normally causes this error? could it be udf related?

Arrgh. I was hoping that problem was fixed in the release version. I've
been plagued by it with the RC versions.

Mine occurs during data 'pumping' as well, although I have ruled out the
possiblity of UDF activity during the routines. Yuck.

Bob M..