Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Firebird v1.5 released
Author marius popa
Leyne, Sean wrote:
> All,
> The Firebird Project is pleased to announce that the v1.5 release of the
> Firebird database engine is now available for immediate download.
> The v1.5 release represents a major upgrade to the engine, which has
> been developed by an independent team of voluntary developers from the
> InterBase(tm) source code that was released by Borland under the
> InterBase Public License v.1.0 on 25 July 2000.
> Development on the Firebird 2 codebase began early in Firebird 1
> development, with the porting of the Firebird 1 C code to C++ and the
> first major code-cleaning. Firebird 1.5 is the first release of the
> Firebird 2 codebase. It is a significant milestone for the developers
> and the whole Firebird project, but it is not an end in itself. As
> Firebird 1.5 goes to release, major redevelopment continues toward the
> next point release on the journey to Firebird 2.
> The install packages and documentation can found on the Firebird Project
> web site ( -- follow the Download or Documentation
> links.
> Install packages are currently only available for Windows and Linux but
> other platforms should follow shortly.
> The Firebird Project

this is posted on slashdot , newsforge , linuxtoday ?
we should do it ...