Subject Re: [Firebird-general] There are still some flying vertebrates in Firefox :)
Author Jakub Hegenbart
> The Linux one, contained in file firefox-0.8-i686-pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz.
> There are two themes, Firefox (default) and Modern. The file is in
>, i've
> verified with md5sum that it's the file i downloaded on Feb 9.
> I had no previous installation of anything, it was a fresh install of
> Slackware 9.1 + some other SW of my choice (inlcuding Firefox and, of
> course, FB1.5RC9 :) on a formatted partition.
> Jakub

Aaargh! I've finally found it! I originally thought there were no
remnants of Firebird The Browser (0.7), but i forgot the ~/.*
directories. Better said, i saw none such directory (~/.fire-something)
for MF and so i thought i'm safe. But both Firebird and Firefox store
their settings in ~/.phoenix, which is very confusing. I have never come
across this directory and since i never added any bookmarks in Firebird
(i was just testing it back then), i thought they came with the new
install :/

I'm sorry for the unnecessary ruckus. Seems I have to tidy my $HOME a
bit :/