Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Clustered JDBC: C-JDBC release candidate available
Author marius popa
Bernard Devlin wrote:
> Hello Marius,
> Are there any known problems with Firebird and C-JDBC? It looks like
> a significant and useful project, and I have been following it with
> some interest for a few months now.
> Also, can you explain what you are referring to here? I searched
> through the discussion on but couldn't find any
> reference to Jim or Firebird.
> --- In, marius popa <mapopa@r...> wrote:
>>I think jim is right about jdbc/java in the firebird engine
>>Imagine using other datasources than firebird or a jdbc cluster (of
>>*birds :))

It's about the internal engine (not the jdbc driver)
Sorry for confusing you ...
Is just an idea for using jdbc like api (and java)
inside the engine