Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Popular PHP apps ported to Firebird
Author marius popa
Lester Caine wrote:
> marius popa wrote:
>>>I fell at the first hurdle - because the machine is an i386 and Firebird
>>>in the i386 link is i686 ;)
>>rpm --ignorearch don't verify package architecture
>>another option is to recompile firebird and change in
>>-march=i586 -mcpu=i686 to -march=i386 -mcpu=i686
> Afraid that is just an example of why Windows is currently so much
> easier than Linux :(
> And it's over a year since I had Linux up properly so I've got to
> remember where I was ;)
hmm life in debian is better :) i can use apt ("This APT has Super Cow

apt-get firebird2-super-server and it should download and install firebird

ps: usually have firebird installed from source (on my debian sid
I found today how to work with php adodb
nice for porting one project from mysql - > firebird ;-) or working with
both db's


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