Subject RE: [Firebird-general] Brilliant job by the Firebird developers!!
Author Nigel Weeks
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> To: 'Nigel Weeks'
> Subject: FW: [Firebird-general] Brilliant job by the Firebird
> developers!!
> Hi Nigel,
> Can I ask what version you are using and whether you are going to 1.5?
> I've a system on IB5.6 and need to decide which version of FB
> to use...
> Thanks,
> Tom

That's on FB 1.0.2 on FreeBSD. Rock solid. Never corrupted, never locked up.

FB15rc7 is still unsuitable - the 'isql' doesn't handle our build scripts
yet, but it's getting closer(doesn't dump core anymore, just dies silently)

We will certainly be moving to 1.5, as we need 'execute varchar' support for
some core business processes.