Subject RE: [Firebird-general] Real-world database for Firebird QA
Author Nigel Weeks
> We're looking for a real-world database that we can use for
> the Firebird
> QA.
> Requirements:
> - Data object names in english.
> - More than 15 tables.
> - Dialect 3 preferred.
> - Schema must contain all kind of referential integrity
> - Schema must allow complex queries (at least three-way joins).
> - Stored procedures (both normal and selectable) are welcome.
> - Should contain triggers.
> It would be also nice, if you'd provide us with some real-world
> processing (queries, SP calls etc.) on this database.

I have one, but it's quite important.
How secure will it be?
Will it be in public CVS?

(It's 70 tables, and 70*5 stored procedures)

Depends on how much testing you're wanting to do, I s'pose...