Subject Re: Execute linux command from stored proc or trigger
Author xongabilly
Ok. I'll search at support list.

Thanks for all!!

--- In, Doug Chamberlin
<yahoogroups@a...> wrote:
> At 9/16/2003 12:32 PM (Tuesday), xongabilly wrote:
> >Sorry!! This question doesn't appear a "support question" to me. I
> >just posted this message cause I would like to find someone with
> >problem to help me (I think this is the real objective of
> >a "discussion" list).
> We consider it a support question because most of the support
available for
> Firebird is peer support (which is what you were after). Any "how
> question should be asked on the Firebird support mailing list.
That's where
> discussion of such questions takes place.