Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: So much for Mozilla dropping Firebird
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:38 PM 13/09/2003 +0100, Gervase wrote:

> is going to produce an update to our "roadmap"
>( in the near future. Brendan's
>writing it, and I can't speak for him, but I suspect he'd like to
>co-ordinate our announcement with that.
>So, could you please avoid putting up stuff on your homepage?

Hello Gervase,
Yep, we don't plan on putting anything up until you have had a chance to
let the mozillazine crowd know what's going on. But you do need to inform
us ahead, to give us a chance to be ready to announce.

>I can just
>see that if you do that, it'll get picked up by Slashdot, then C:Net,
>we'll be caught out, we'll get wrong-footed, and there'll be a lot of
>" staff were unavailable for comment" and so on. All a bit of
>a nightmare.

If you just stop to think about it, we could have done it already ("pour
vous encourager") and we didn't. I've already stated that the last thing
we want is to see your crowd demonised if it's clear to us that the right
thing is going to happen very soon. It will be a problem solved, period.

>If you could give us a few days to get everything organised, that would
>be really helpful.

If it's a weekday, don't rely on sending only to Mark directly, as he has
problems picking up email at work.
Please send a signal through to both of the following addresses (cc is fine):

<mailto:firebirds@...> - this goes through to the
Firebird-Admin list (not publicly archived)

<mailto:foundation@...> - this goes through to the FirebirdSQL
Foundation committee (also not publicly archived)

kia ora