Subject Re: So much for Mozilla dropping Firebird
Author Gervase Markham
> When do you intend to make that news public? Or at least more widely
> known within your own community.
> At that time I think we would like to put up something on our site,
> thanking moz staff for appreciating our situation, and indicating that
> were satisfied with the outcome.

<delurking> is going to produce an update to our "roadmap"
( in the near future. Brendan's
writing it, and I can't speak for him, but I suspect he'd like to
co-ordinate our announcement with that.

So, could you please avoid putting up stuff on your homepage? I can just
see that if you do that, it'll get picked up by Slashdot, then C:Net,
we'll be caught out, we'll get wrong-footed, and there'll be a lot of
" staff were unavailable for comment" and so on. All a bit of
a nightmare.

If you could give us a few days to get everything organised, that would
be really helpful.