Subject RE: [Firebird-general] FW: xCase 7 has been released!
Author Leyne, Sean

> I know this list is not for product announcements, but I'm
> not the vendor
> neither a sponsor nor a propagandist of this tool (I don't
> use it), but just
> wanted you to know that vendors are starting to awake and
> adding FB support:
> xCase News Letter wrote:
> > Additional Databases Support
> > xCase 7
> > adds support for VFP 8, InterBase 7, FireBird and MySQL. A Free
> > maintenance release will soon provide support for PostgreSQL.

Wish it were true! I just downloaded the Trial

(I wanted to check it out anyways... I'm still using S-Designer v5.1, so
I need to update at some point)

No Firebird listed in the list of DBMS's!!!

I had sent them a 'nasty' little note when they announced their v6.5
product -- chastising them for not supporting Firebird. They responded
that Firebird = Interbase. Needless to say I tried to set them

I guess that the Marketing department decided to include Firebird in the
list, and let the development catch up later.