Subject Re: [Firebird-general] OLAP Tools
Author Daniel Rail

At July 31, 2003, 23:49, C Fraser wrote:
> Just wondering if anyone can point me towards any OLAP tools for
> firebird.

> I believe you could use MS SQL server's OLAP functionality through ODBC?
> I guess purchasing MS SQL could possibly end up shooting our Firebird
> servers in the foot... But if it provides the OLAP at a good price (not
> all the clients that use the Firebird server need access to the OLAP
> data) then it might be worth the risk.

> Any other suggestions or pointers appreciated.

Here's one that I found that is open source:

There are other OLAP solutions, that are commercial, you simply have
to search the web for them. And, depending on the programming
language, there might be some specific for that too.

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