Subject Re: [Firebird-general] C# and .NET
Author Daniel Rail

At July 3, 2003, 04:24, Lester Caine wrote:

> Please excuse my 'noise' here, but since we are all working
> to the same ends, hopefully you will indulge me.

> I am seeing comments elsewhere that I will HAVE to support
> .NET at some point because it will replace everything else
> when the next versions of Windows come out.

> I don't subscribe to that view, but would appreciate a
> little support :)

> With Borland 'messing up' Builder by making it compile C#
> and support .NET I am being hit from one side, and the lack
> of support for Kylix seems to be 'assisting'.

> Anybody got any 'insight' it what is going to happen in the
> next few years ;)

Hi Lester,

All I can say, is that my colleague and I are feeling the way. There
supposedly a new version of Windows coming out next year and we don't
know what's new in it. But, also when I look at most of my clients
that are using Windows 2000 Pro and Server, they are not willing to
upgrade that fast because the software they use does what they want,
under Win2000. If they upgraded from Win98 recently, they decided to
install WinXP, because of the added reliability and stability. But,
the argument still remains for after WinXP. Some still use Office2000
and dont see the reason to upgrade.

So the argument becomes, when will Windows stop supporting Win32
applications. I would say a few(maybe 3? 4?) versions down the road
and that the only platform Windows would be running on might be .NET
or maybe something else(who knows?). I suppose that if and when you
see a .Net framework for Linux, then I would really start worrying.

Just my 2 cents.

Best regards,
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