Subject RE: [Firebird-general] ibWebAdmin
Author Robert (Jamie) Munro
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> Subject: Re: [Firebird-general] ibWebAdmin
> > There's various single install packages for PHP, MySQL, Apache on Win32:
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> >
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> > Could one of these not be adapted for use with Firebird?
> Idea is good, but personally I would rather stick with
> separate packages, then I only need to update the one that
> changes. It keeps the download sizes down as well.

I can see your point, but have you ever tried downloading Apache and PHP
separately, and getting them to talk to one another. It's a pain in the
neck(*). Then you need to get PHP's firebird/interbase plugin working. The
database server itself can be installed separately, though, as it can run on
a different machine.

Robert Munro

(*) or was last time I tried. It may be easier now, with Apache 2 and stuff.