Subject RE: [Firebird-general] ibWebAdmin
Author Robert (Jamie) Munro
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> Subject: [Firebird-general] ibWebAdmin
> The point of reproducing this is to
> 1/ Highlight the problems with PHP installations.
> 2/ Advertise ibWebAdmin - it does work exceedingly well
> 3/ Ask if there is sufficient interest in PHP to justify
> spending some more time supporting it.
> On my 'earn money' machine I have the start of a Win32 user
> guide to getting Firebird working with PHP, and I am about
> to start adding the ibWebAdmin notes, so where is the best
> 'home' for this sort of info?

There's various single install packages for PHP, MySQL, Apache on Win32:

Could one of these not be adapted for use with Firebird?

Robert Munro