Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Setting a table's field value within the table's insert trigger
Author Helen Borrie
Could you please take this to the ib-support list? The list you are
posting to here is for general discussion, not support questions.

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(resident witch)

At 12:44 PM 3/06/2003 +0000, Dan Statham wrote:
>Good Morning!
> I have Firebird
> I am trying to set some fields in a table based on variable
>results from within the tables insert trigger.
> I am looking up and or calculating some variables. Then, I am
>using "New.TotQtyBefore=:Total_Before" (and other fields the same
>way) but the field is comming up null. I have a "if (new.TotQtyBefore
>is null) then new.TotQtyBefore =0" but it did not help.
> How do I set a fields value from within an insert trigger?
> Ther is no unique index field on the table. (Bummer!)
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