Subject Re: [Firebird-general] SuperServer or Classic?
Author Daniel Rail

At May 23, 2003, 06:06, ashwiz_za wrote:

> How do I know which would work better in which environment,
> SuperServer or Classic? I'm sure this is affected by single or
> multiple cpu's, number of users, and nature of db activity? But where
> can I read up on the nature of each so as to determine which will
> perform better in an environment?

> I remember ASSUMING that the SuperServer was so much better many
> years ago. This was long before Firebird. But if the Classic is still
> available then it must be for good reason!!! ...I have since learnt
> never to ASSUME anything! ;-)

Firebird SuperServer is not ready to be effectively used on an
SMP system(by using 2 or more CPUs, or even on an hyperthreaded CPU),
you'd have to set the affinity to one CPU or one thread on an
hyperthreaded CPU. Full SMP and hyperthreaded support in SuperServer
is planned for FB 2.0. A lot of work has been put into FB 1.5
SuperServer, to make it more efficient and better performance.
Firebird Classic is very stable in an SMP environment, since each
connection generates a separate process, instead of using threads like
in SuperServer. And, FB 1.5 Classic is now available on Windows.

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