Author Svein Erling
> > - I always pictured my fellow Dutchman Martijn as a rather short,
> > swanky guy with brown curly hair.
> > Well OK, maybe it _is_ brown and maybe it _does_ curl, but I
> > tell...
> Swanky? Me! (had a good laugh for about 5 minutes)

Not to mention that no swanky guy would ever dive into a bag of
Bamsemums voluntarily! (OK, this one is quite internal. I just
brought a bag of Bamsemums, which basically is some fluffy, sweet
Norwegian chocolate which Marijn (pronounced Martein with a German
accent) fell in love with).


PS! Don't call Artur "Aretour" - it sounds to English. Just pronounce
the t as if you are trying to spit as far as you can and make
absolutely sure there is no trace of any h in front of the u.

Though I cannot help in explaining how to pronounce Svein Erling,
just recommend you all to use my simple nickname.