Subject Re: [Firebird-general] HELLO FROM FULDA
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hello Helen,

> Just a quick hello from Fulda! The atmosphere here is just amazing.
> The first Firebird conference is a runaway success, with every
> session packed to overflowing and lots of serious talk going on over
> beers and coffees in the corridors and cafes. So much to do, so
> little time - it's full-on.
> There's a lot of not-so-serious stuff happening too, lots to laugh
> about. Wish you were all here!

Sure, sure, have a great time. Don't feel bad about *us* toiling away
here for our paltry existence :-)

No, seriously: it's great knowing that the conference is such a
succes. Greetings to everybody in Fulda!

You know what I'm curious about? About how many people came to the
conference. Dozens? Hundreds?

Take care,
Paul Vinkenoog

Just discovered the "live" image at
But the faces are too dark to tell if you all look bored, attentive
or just relaxed :-)