Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Mozilla's *Joy?* Of Naming
Author The DeerBear
Lester Caine wrote:
> Do we?

Yes, Lester, we "Internet users", usually do... will you say we don't?

> Netscape Navigator is what I am currently using on customer
> sites for navigating (or browsing) Documentation and the
> Internet.

I use Internet Explorer and Konqueror, what's the deal?

> Mozilla Navigator is the name of the CURRENT Mozilla 'browser'

See? You call it browser too.

> I've only just finished re-writing all of that for Firebird
> ( from Interbase ) why should I have to do it again?

I *never* said you should.

I'm just saying it's a *reasonable* ranking, not the *ideal* one.

> Since Mozilla's current 'browser' is actually 'Navigator'
> why did they have to create another new name now if Phoenix
> is going to become Mozzila Browser later?

That's part of what I call "questionable conduct from Mozilla".

> A search on Firebird Browser used to bring up the comercial
> Firebird browsers. Even adding Database to that now still
> allows a lot of noise.

Not in the first links, which are what a user/programmer normally clicks.
Are you saying that you *always* look into each link?
What do you think a "newbie" will do?
Will delve himself into the most low-ranked links or in the
high-ranked ones?

From the high-ranked ones the distinction is quite clear - imho.

Another thing: if someone will be looking for security problems,
will probably at least have a hint to look for( sender, publisher, etc ),
thus will be able to narrow the search down to what he looks for.

Another problem is that many people( many colleagues also ) haven't got a
clue on how to effectively use search engines.

Here I am speaking *in general*, in the world of programming.

If someone can't use a search engine( again, there are many ), it's not
anybody's fault except his/her own.

I'm *strongly* on your side, but I think it's time to get this thing down to
rationality and compromise.

Frankly, there've been mistakes on *both* sides, if it's true some FB users
mailbomb Mozilla's staff.

I know and am convinced that Mozilla's choice of Firebird was
definitely *awful* and if they had researched the matter it would have
been definitely better. But now the damage is done and we can't do
that much about it.

What I find "provocative" about Mozilla is that they are still, to my
modifying their web pages to use the Firebird naming.

Again, Mozilla's behaviour looks *a lot* like M$ one in the
commercial world.

Still, compromise *IS* necessary and I warmly invite you to
take actions towards this aim.

Please, please, please, let's come to a compromise that is
good for all of us.

I'm personally spreading the word around about the conflict and the
awful behaviour of Mozilla in that respect, but I can't understand why
there's not been yet to a reasonable compromise.

Please, there's enough war around the world, peace.