Subject Re: [Firebird-general] At last - our Firebird book
Author Svein Erling Tysvaer
Hooray, you made it! I'm looking forward to this book, and am pretty
certain we will buy it. Of course, I will be attending your session 202 and
203 at the conference next month (well, unless Aage really wants me to
learn about blob filters or audit trail)!

I trust you won't make the book that much of an insider that only you,
Claudio, Dmitry and Alex are the only ones able to understand it. Judging
from the IBO GSG, you are good at making difficult things easy to
comprehend for the novice reader. Will you be writing everything from
scratch, or will you try to take advantage of some of the information
published in Russian and German?


At 17:44 29.04.2003 +1000, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I'm pleased to tell you that I have exchanged contracts with APress
>( to write and publish "User's Guide to the Firebird
>SQL Database". The manuscript deadline is mid-November. I believe APress
>intends to post the flyers and the outline on its website late in June.
>No, it's not the "magnum opus" that the original (1700-page) IBDH was going
>to be. That one is for another season. This book will be about 700 pages
>and I will try very hard to make it the "real insider" book that we planned
>back in times past. It will take the same practical approach that was
>visualised for the IBDH and will launch the new Firebird sample database -
>a real C/S database this time around, not a conversion from a bunch of
>crusty old Paradox tables. (If I can avoid distractions over the next two
>weeks, those doing my Database Design segments at the Fulda conference will
>get a foretaste of the new fdb!)
>Celebrate with me!
>See you at the First European Firebird Conference in May in Fulda,

Sure, I'll be there!

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