Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Mozilla Spin
Author Lester Caine
>>This is a joke. A bad joke.
> The "why" document has been in preparation for some
> time. As far as I can see, it's not linked to any
> pages on and the link from MozillaZine
> appears to have been yanked. We might be making
> inroads after all.

The 'why' page has been through 8 revisions - all on the
21st Apr. It is from a non-mozilla source and there are no
links TO it from any other page, so as you say -
inroads if mozilla are starting to clamp down and not let
this stuff spread. It would perhaps be nicer if the page
simply disapeared off the mozilla server alltogether.

The 'problems' are now surfacing on the main mozilla
newsgroups. People are asking why they have to go to
mozillazine and when will mainstream newsgroups be available

As I have just answered there - Did ever ask the
phoenix developers if they minded being 'assimilated'. This
is a three sided 'war' not a two sided one. We had realised
that, but perhaps not understood who the third party was.
Obviously mozillazine is mainly driven by 'x' phoenix
developers who now stand to loose a lot of prestige.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services