Subject Re: [IBDI] New Project Launched
Author Helen Borrie
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>Dear Lists:
>(Sorry for multiple posts in different groups in advance)
>A new project has been started on SourceForge, FBManager. This project will
>be a GUI front end for the Unix crowd (Including, hopefully, MacOS-X) So far
>the project has been set up, a developer mailing list should be activated in
>the next 24 hrs. Although not intended to include Windows, my hope is that
>the code will be platform agnostic enough, that we can easily port to Windows
>later on. I expect to post a Design Document later this week in FBManagers
>CVS, so that others can see what ideas I have for this project, then discuss
>that document in the developers list, and make changes to it, based on the
>resulting discussion.
>BTW Windows users who wish to discuss whether Windows should be supported
>sooner rather then later, can do so on the developers list, at
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