Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Oh great... Mozilla Firebird and SQL...
Author Martijn Tonies
Hi Andrew,

> > Do we have any other choice?
> Yeah, hire a mercenary army and make justice <g>.
> Maybe this is cheaper than lawsuits? <eg>

It probably is ... :-)

> > The archive of this list is public and we were asked to not
> > make the announcement publicly available until .8 has been
> > released. Except for in this list and committee meetings,
> > nothing has been "public" up till now. I've had a small
> > email exchange with Brendan and he says they will keep word.
> Hopefully, I would add <g>.
> > :-) ... In all your exchange, do keep it friendly, to show that although
> > you may not be a Mozilla friend, you are a reasonable person :-)
> I *am* a reasonable person ^_^

Good :-) ... I'm usually as well... *g*

>but they're behaving in a very bad
> attitude towards us and Open Source in general.
> Think of what would happen if others followed its "example".

Completely true. There have been given all sorts of stupid remarks
and "reasons" why "Mozilla Firebird" or "Firebird" for the browser
"would be fine", well, lots of crap of course, mostly by Mozilla
followers. Most people of the actual Mozilla crew have been friendly
and helpful but most of them didn't see a problem either. Apparently,
this has changed a little... we'll see, we'll see.

Martijn Tonies
FirebirdSQL Foundation Committee