Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Oh great... Mozilla Firebird and SQL...
Martijn Tonies
>Hi Andrew,

Hi! ^_^

>Actually, I was thinking of the "go to court" thingy :-)

I was speaking of that, too.

>Nevertheless, becoming a Foundation member helps as well. But,
>as you hopefully understand, the Foundation is holding back a bit
>on going to court with the money contributed by members, going
>to court is not exactly cheap and we should be very sure of our
>case before doing so.

That's why you need external sponsorship, and if I had
good money already, I would be sponsoring it <g>.

I am the first one against lawsuits, but there's a limit to
indecence, as I always say.

> Even more, all other things should be tried first.

I've been saying this since the beginning, but - again -
indecence has limits.

> As you might know, their "Firebird" project already "changed"
> to "Mozilla Firebird" because of the noise we made and all "tm"
> parts were removed from the name.

Oh yeah?

Well, that was at least /due/.

> Do we have any other choice?

Yeah, hire a mercenary army and make justice <g>.
Maybe this is cheaper than lawsuits? <eg>

> The archive of this list is public and we were asked to not
> make the announcement publicly available until .8 has been
> released. Except for in this list and committee meetings,
> nothing has been "public" up till now. I've had a small
> email exchange with Brendan and he says they will keep word.

Hopefully, I would add <g>.

> :-) ... In all your exchange, do keep it friendly, to show that although
> you may not be a Mozilla friend, you are a reasonable person :-)

I *am* a reasonable person ^_^ but they're behaving in a very bad
attitude towards us and Open Source in general.
Think of what would happen if others followed its "example".

>Martijn Tonies