Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Oh great... Mozilla Firebird and SQL...
Martijn Tonies wrote:
> Care to sponsor?

From Feb 2004 on, it could be viable to be part of
sponsorship, yeah and I'd like to join, if possible.
The only issue is that I've got to get stable with the job and
salary <g>, from that point on no probs.

> If everything goes forward as planned, Mozilla Firebird should
> rename itself before version .8 comes out, as posted by
> Brendan Eich, in this list, as a Mozilla Admin.

Do you really beleive them?

> So, we'll have to wait a little before doing anything else.

I already sent an email to webmaster@... complaining
about the SQL project. I then received an automated message
where they said "Dear Mozilla Friend", I replied to that message
saying "I'm not your friend" <g>.

>With regards,


>Martijn Tonies