Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Yaffil Merges Source Code with Firebird
Author marius popa
David Garamond wrote:
> Helen Borrie wrote:
>>Yaffil Merges Source Code with Firebird
>>Moscow, St Petersburg and The World, 2 December 2003
>>The Firebird Project and the principals of the Yaffil project are very
>>pleased to announce the merging of the Yaffil project with Firebird. Former
>>Yaffil chief developer Oleg Ivanov is welcomed as the newest member of the
>>Firebird core developer team.
> This is a great news! If only more open source "cousin" projects can
> work together nicely like this...
> I hope Yaffil will still offer commercial solutions based on Firebird
> (which, If I read the article, appears so).
what's next ? Borland make ib7.x open again and merge it with firebird
? :)