Subject Re: [Firebird-general] In response to Open-source database advantages article
Author marius popa
Thomas Steinmaurer wrote:
>>there is one thing i want to mention about open source databases article
>>open source interbase forked into firebird and is supported by firebird
>>foundation (like in mozilla case where AOL gave up to mozilla source
>>code and is managed now by foundation with the same name)
>>The firebird site is located here and
>>If there is a need for more info about firebird i would be very happy to
>>write more about it .
>>Open source databases are used in mission critical services like dns
>>(I know about postgresql is used to host .org domains )
>>another example : we use opencms ( and mssql server
>>doesn't scale up with that application , mysql is faster to handle the
>>requests (more I/O) . Yes we use all of the open source databases
>>firebird,mysql,postgresql in mission critical points .
> Btw, for our internal use we migrated the MySQL database schema
> to Firebird, using OpenCMS with Firebird now. Nothing fency, and
> it was a pretty fast port, so the resulting database schema might
> still be improved, but it works so far for us.
> If someone is interested, I'm sure we can offer the port in any
> way.

Oh great i want to try if possible :)
is for opencms5.0 ?