Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Another Firebird, sorry Mozilla Firebird sighting
Author Martijn Tonies
> >>>>Check this guy´s weblog:
> >>>>
> >>>>Who does he think he is, stealing Firebird´s name.
> >>And you can't even ask him how he got the TM.... for Firebird, since any
> > mail
> >>sent to him bounces with
> >
> > The whole TM part at this page is from the beginning of Mozilla
Firebird -
> > and
> > being a Mozilla zealot as he is, I don't expect him to change it either,
> > before
> > Mozilla Firebird is being renamed.
> But do they really have the TM for Firebird? On the other hand, is
Firebird SQL
> a trade mark?

In addition to Pauls answers... "TM" is something you can slap to your
product - any time, any place. As long as no-one challenges your "TM",
you have the trademark. This is different from (R) - which is a registered

Needless to say, we - the Firebird admins and Firebird Foundation -
immediately told the Mozilla people that we own the trademark for
Firebird, simply because we have been using it for 3 years without
anyone challenging it.

As for "Mozilla Firebird" - it was promised to us that the Firebird part
is only an internal codename and that it will change with the .8 release.
If not, then we have to take legal actions, something which is being
investigated by the Foundation.

With regards,

Martijn Tonies