Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Another Firebird, sorry Mozilla Firebird sighting
Author Artur Anjos

>>Check this guy´s weblog:

Old times. This was made in the first days that we have discuss the subject.
Everybody head was a really mess up.

So, arrogance away:

"Your average FirebirdT Browser user, whether they be novice, intermediate
or advanced, will likely not regularly use the Firebird DB. Thus, levels of
overlap and confusion are likely to be statistically insignificant "

I'm a user of both Mozilla Browser and Firebird, and I know that I spend
much more time searching for some info using a web search engine like
Google, and since the time of this name change I spend some more time even
searching in my own hard disk.

What Mozilla people tend to forget is very simple: we like both products.
:-) Yes, lots of Firebird users are the ones that are really open to start
using Mozilla Firebird browser. Since we do web development with Firebird,
we can also recommend our clients (Firebird users) to use Mozilla Browser.
How can we do this now? Imagine the mess...