Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Powered By Logos
Author Milan Babuskov
rainaple@... wrote:
> Achim Kalwa
>>alt="" title="pbfblogo1.png by Frank Ingermann">
>> ^^^^^^^^^^
> I understand the issue, but I strongly disadvice to certain extent.
> ALT attribute should be kept and updated to a meaningful
> description of the image, since most screen readers use it to
> read the image.

HTML Standard says that ALT is an Alternative description for browsers
that can't display images. And nothing else... The fact that some (IE)
think they should interprete standards as they want, doesn't make it right.

> Title attribute should be added for newer readers to complete the
> information they read.

Title IS the HTML standard tag for this, so it should be used.

I agree with Achim completely on this.


Milan Babuskov