Subject RE: [Firebird-general] Sound problem
Author Nigel Weeks
Have you heard of Firebird SQL? The RDBMS? The extremely powerful, capable,
and efficient database server?
A database server that can handle thousands of transactions by hundreds of
users simultaneously.
A database server that can handle multiple-gigabyte databases without
breaking a sweat.

Well, this is their list.

Not a list about some web browser.

You might have slightly better luck getting the information you're after on

You sound like the kind of person who tries technology on the bleeding edge.
While you're trying "Mozilla Firebird", give "Firebird SQL" a go!

You'll find plenty of information on,, and google'ing for "Firebird SQL".

Have a great day!


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> From: David Warheit [mailto:dwarheit@...]
> Sent: Monday, 10 November 2003 04:18
> To:
> Subject: [Firebird-general] Sound problem
> I recently switched to Firebird and I like it much better
> that IE. I have a sound problem. I do not hear any
> "web-based" sounds now. When I bring up my homepage in IE, I
> hear the background music playing. I do not hear this when I
> use Mozilla or Firebird. What am I doing wrong? Would someone
> who know a solution to this problem, please email it to me.
> Thanks,
> Dave
> dwarheit@...
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