Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Lies, lies!!
Author marius popa
Helen Borrie wrote:
> From
> e-Week article by Timothy Dyck (Timothy who?)
> "Firebird (based on Borland's InterBase 6.0) and SAP AG's SAP are both new
> entrants in the open-source world, although both have established
> commercial histories.
> These are sophisticated products offering complete SQL support,
> transactions, stored procedures and triggers. However, they haven't
> established open-source developer or user communities, and online support
> resources are limited.
> After releasing InterBase 6.0 code, Borland backed away from its
> open-source plans. The current InterBase, Version 6.5, is not an
> open-source product, so Firebird and InterBase are now diverging products.
> All these products are primarily focused on delivering core SQL database
> features and are not competitive with the big commercial players in several
> important areas: online analytical processing, data warehousing, data
> mining, clustering for performance, XML storage and query, Enterprise
> JavaBean support, plug-ins for a wide variety of specialty data types,
> distributed transactions, and external data gateways.
> Graphical administration tools are available but simple in scope and not
> competitive with the comprehensive configuration, control, monitoring and
> tuning features found in the large commercial offerings. Management costs
> are higher among these database products as a result."
> --- Timothy Dyck
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