Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Crystal Reports/Brio plus firebird ...
Author Robert Tulloch

   Is there a free ODBC driver that works with FB? I am still using OS IB and am usiong Crystal ADO. Works just fine.

toni_martir wrote:
I think you should use an ODBC driver for Crystal, don't know for 
Brio but I think it's the same.

Take a look also at Report Manager (
This reporting engine does natively supports Interbase and Firebird 
without the need of any third party drivers, it's free and Opensource.

--- In, "bkatelis" <bill@s...> wrote:
I may have sent this to the wrong group so i'll try again ...

Does anybody have any experience with Crystal Reports or Brio and
Firebird ?

ie. Does it work ok ?

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