Subject Re: Musicbrainz & Postgresql Vs. FireBird
Author csswa
--- In IBDI@y..., "Robert Munro" <rjmunro-yahoo@a...> wrote:
> I know this keeps coming up on this list, but I still can't find a
> comparison of Postgresql Vs. Firebird/Interbase anywhere on the
web. I'm not
> really enough of an expert on databases to come to a fully reasoned
> decision. Some information I have found after much searching

If anyone wants to see an extremely biased, deceptive, and plain
nonsense comparison between the two, go here:

Among the fanciful statements, the author claims that PostgreSQL
(note, spelling errors are original authors):

... has a much more sofisticated locking mechanism (MVCC).
... has broader subselects support then Interbase.
... has a more flexible BLOB fields support.
... is more standards-compliant then Interbase.
... has more built-in functions then MySQL (or any other open source
[Andrew here -- yes, the author forgets he is writing the 'PostgreSQL
vs Interbase' section]
... allows re-using of space without needing to "pack" (vacuum) it's
internal tables (since version 7.2).

And the list goes on, becoming more and more bizarre as the author
reaches farther and farther into the twilight zone for his

That last one refers to garbage collection, of course. PostgreSQL
must use some kind of modern-day environmental recycling instead
of plain old garbage collection. Whatever -- the image of Hoovering
out the db is a delightful one.

I've never used PostgreSQL, I know little about it. Prior to this
article I had a neutral opinion about it -- haven't used it so can't
comment type of thing. A nonsense article like this one makes me
wonder, though: why the need to make false 'comparisons'? Got to
push their support services, I guess.

Andrew Ferguson
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