Subject Re: About IBX and Firebird (reasons for not using IBO, slightly OT)
Author mmenaz
--- In IBDI@y..., Svein Erling Tysvær <svein.erling.tysvaer@k...> wrote:
> I
> guess some people also may be scared off by the frequent updates and bug
> fixes, but the annual Best Database Connectivity Award (if I'm not
> mistaken, IBO is the only ever winner of that award) ought to destroy any=

> belief in it being buggy software.

"Buggy" is a) something that does now work and takes months or year to be f=
ixed, and worse, b) you can not do it by yourself.
With Visual Basic I was in b) situation. I gave up and went to Delphi :)
a) with VCL I'm in a). I've discovered some, informed Borland and sent code=
patch too. Nothing. There is a site of Delphi bugs with patch code too, but=
there are bugs that are some release old (=1-2 years?)
With IBO, if I find a bug I can:
- ask IBO list and have a patch (often) in some hours, if someone else has =
the same problem
- inform Jason and have it fixed in the next release, that could comes out =
very frequently to make programmers benefit of fixes as soon as possible
- fix it by myself, and send a patch to Jason, that will be included in the=
next release.

So frequent updates are nothing to be scared about, just the opposite!
I do prefer a fix a week instead of 100 fixes every two years ;)
Marco Menardi