Subject Re: Free Software. A few comments for perspective. Response to rant.
Author dtrudgett
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Hi Tobias,

> sorry to see great minds

Are you sure you've got the right place? ;-)

> wasting their time by fighting about nothing,

A discussion was happening, there was no "fight". People
disagree every day of the week. There's nothing wrong with

> really. Some people use this kinda license, others use other license
> schemes, still other people use different ones yet. Some charge, some
> don't. So what?

There is that point of view. That's the point of view one
must live by in day-to-day life, just to get by. But that
doesn't mean people should stop thinking about what is right
and wrong, what could be improved, and so on.

> Let each woman or man offer their software how they like it best. Since
> nobody's trying to make Jason use the GPL, there's no reason to argue
> over it. Since IBO is gonna stick to its license, as well as Firebird, a
> debate will not bring us forward.

The point of the discussion was to have the discussion. No one
involved is naive enough to think that software licences are
going to change as a result of it.

> Let's each stick to our bloody licenses and not talk about it. It's too
> intimate, really ;=)

On the contrary, too many people keep their mouths shut, or
even avoid having an opinion at all, just to preserve a false

Free speech is a valuable thing to us all, but it is being
eroded every day. We should all be prepared to hear things
with which we do not agree. On the other hand, what we should
not stand for is the misuse of free speech to simply abuse
others, something that happens all too often.

David Trudgett