Subject Re: [IBDI] About IBX and Firebird
Author Daniel Rail
At 16/04/2002 07:41 AM, you wrote:
> > My guess at least until Firebird 2.0, but I think there are some keywords
> > that are not recognized in the IBX parser.
>I am not aware of anything like an "IBX parser". Does IBX go to the
>lengths of actually parsing SQL statements? What for?

Sorry about that, I was too hasty in my reply and gave the wrong
information. You made me realized what I've written.

It's about the incompatibilities in the API that will happen in future
releases, especially when IB7 and FB2 are going to be released, because
what I hear is that FB will be able to run concurrently with IB, so this
means 2 different client DLLs. And, I know that Borland did state that
they will not support FB when that happens.

Thank you for pointing out my erroneous statement.

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