Subject RE: [IBDI] Re: About IBX and Firebird
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> Subject: Re: [IBDI] Re: About IBX and Firebird
> > But apart from that, IBX ( or FBX if a FireBird specific version is
> > maintained ) is a viable alternative to IBO.
> > I hope this helps and motivates someone to take the lead in such a
> project.
> I'll admit I am biased... I'd like to see the community rally
> around IBO as
> the defacto suite of components for working with
> Delphi/CPPB/etc./Firebird/Etc. I think it is for the greatest good of the
> whole.

I haven't noticed you are biased.

Connectivity packages that are exclusively designed to work with IB/FB don't
make sense if the engine disappears, until they are re-engineered to work
with Oracle, MsSql or DB/2.

On the other side, an engine that nobody supports with third party component
and drivers is a choice only for the ones wanting to write to the API
directly. In this sense, the best we can hope is variability. Privileging
one specific suite above the rest doesn't make sense to me. At least it
doesn't make sense that Firebird endorses or recommends exclusively one
specific suite, whatever such package is and whatever how good or complete
or idiosyncratic or nice is.

We should try to support different packages where possible, being IBO, IBX
and FibPlus very known examples, but not the only possibilities. Even when
you don't install an ODBC driver or OLE/DB driver in the Delphi palette,
there're components in that palette (like ADO-DbGo) that interface to those
drivers and they are equaly worthwhile than Delphi/BCB native packages. Not
all people use Delphi to access the engine. Web servers need a driver, too.
Developers are required to support multiple database engines, too.

Finally, due to different philophical views, it's impossible that every
developer will agree to the design guidelines imposed by one component
suite. The day everyone agrees on such topic, I will pursue a career as a
violinist, probably. Hence, even with product WG being supercharged, other
devs will want product KY that has another abilities and other way of
working. Jason, you should acknowledge that not everybody likes IBO's native
model, so IBX & FibPlus will have always a place, the same way ODBC/OLE-DB
drivers and generic packages like Zeos have a place in the same showroom.