Subject Re: New Name for IBConsole fork...
Author mmenaz
Never less, even if you Claudio are perfectly right, I do belive that sarca=
stic reply are really bad. E-mail and support lists are very bad in communic=
ating "metacommunication" elements that are fundamental in human interchange=
, so every word written is a heavy one.
As you stated, human beings is very different that computer one, so if you =
receive a wrong (not sense) reply, don't behave with a CRASH in your system =
(brain), just forget about that ;)
As you can see, every critic can be criticized ;)
I've found myself very upset about some stupid reply to some of my question=
s, but I've also found myself posting stupid reply to other's question too..=
. Just it happens.
If you just replied with: "Helen meant that IBAccess is based upon IBX" you=
will have saved your time, R. Tulloch have not be offended, and I would avo=
ided to seem like "the one that wants to teach other how to behave" <g> ;)
My regards
Marco Menardi

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> > This is a very caustic reply. It is not appreciated. I went to the
> > link which Helen
> > posted and read various pieces of information. There was no indication
> > in what I read that
> > it was based on IBX.
> You definitely lack a sense of humor. Don't take life too seriously, Rob.=

> If you had taken 5 seconds more to read Helen's letter, you wouldn't have=

> had to post your reply. Why can't you imply that there was some relations=
> between IBX and IBAcess from Helen's letter? Also, you could have tried
> randomly one source file to get a clue. It's very hard to believe Helen
> would be so stupid to think that IBAccess (a tool at first glance) would =
> comparable to IBX (almost anybody with a Delphi copy knows it's a db
> connectivity package, not a tool). I think nobody will dispute that a db
> tool is likely to be made with a db package and not vice-versa. So, given=
> A) the context of the thread
> B) Helen's post saying «if you are determined to work with IBX, contribut=
> your efforts to Toni Martir's IBAccess project - see
> C) that you discovered in 5 seconds after clicking in such URL that IBAcc=
> is not a db package but a tool,
> your comment
> «What does this mean?? IBAccess isn't IBX!!»
> is indeed very redundant (to put it in gentle words) because you had all
> facts to guess that since IBAccess can't be compared to IBX, then IBAcces=
> should be using IBX. Since you aren't a moron, why do I have to explain
> this? You could have checked some source file even before your first repl=
> to be sure IBAccess was using IBX and this was the relationship Helen was=

> drawing. And do you take offense furthermore? Why nobody else asked? Was
> Helen's phrase too obvious or too cryptic?
> C.