Subject RE: [IBDI] ODBC Driver - Where is it?
Author AlfonsoRica├▒o

> > In short - how do I use Firebird as a web server database engine?

Well, i've been using InterBase 6.0.1 with PHP 3 and 4 and i've got
very good results. I also have installed Firebird with PHP 4 using the
InterBase driver and also never had problems. There's a web page that
gets a lot of hits daily, and everything's ok. All of them under Linux
RedHat 7.2.

So for me, that's the choice. I've also made ISAPI applications but i
really don't like the way you have to program them, and also don't like
IIS neither WinNT/2000 servers.


Alfonso Rica´┐Żo

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