Subject Re: [IBDI] About IBX and Firebird
Author Daniel Rail
Hi Martijn,

At 13/04/2002 04:53 AM, you wrote:
>Perhaps Jason will end up with two code bases, a lot of compiler
>directives, I don't know... But I do think he should have IBO
>for IB ...
>Somestimes it's hard to saty compatible with multiple engines :)

I'm not sure at 100%. But, Jason did mention at one time that his plan was
to have one code base and I think it was a property that mentioned which
client library was being used for connectivity. Because, he did mention
that he wanted to include DB2 support(and maybe other RDBMS thereafter) in
IBO, once he figured out how to make IBO driver independent.

Just my 2 cents in this ongoing discussion.

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