Subject Re: [IBDI] About IBX and Firebird
> > If I persistently made comments of the same nature about IBX how would you
> > feel?
> Wouldn't bother me. I use IBX because it works perfectly with IB,
> its free and
> Jeff provides good support. It does everything I could want it to so
> in my opinion
> there is no reason to use anything else.

Then you have been lucky <g>

The current version of IBX may be fine for a lot of people.
That was not the case when it was first released, and I
spent many long nights with it and BDE. AT THAT TIME it
never did work.

We are talking 1999 - I tried IBO and got confused - so
spent another 6 months with Borland - no luck.

I tried again with IBO - scrapped the old code and started
clean - started to see the light at the ned of the tunnel,
and have not looked back since.

Those of us how 'were converted' to IBO some time ago just
do not have the need to spend time looking at an alternative
to IBO, and so we are not up to speed on the changes and
improvements in other options such as IBX.

I will be using Firebird exclusively in my projects, and so
for me there is not a problem. This is the same discussion
as a front end tool. There are perhaps too many options and
it is dividing our efforts. Diversity is very useful, but
the result is much slower progress because of trying to
maintain compatibility. I know that Jason will continue to
support Interbase, and I will help when I can, but I would
like to know if anybody is actually using IBO with Interbase
6.5? If IBX can not be improved to support Firebird, should
Jason be wasting time on the reverse path?

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services