Subject Re: About IBX and Firebird
Author mmenaz
I use IBO with native (non TDAtaset) components. The richness of property a=
nd build in behaviour of these components is really impressive. They just do=
n't compare with IBX, since they are not only connectivity.
I highly raccomand you using them, even if you don't have many records. Aft=
er a "shocking" start time, you will find yourself to be far more productive=
, and have a much more clean design for your app and for your database.
They are not cheap, but if you do commercial sofware, they value every cent=
you spend. If you are not, you can have them for free contributing to their=
improvement or asking the author for, under certain conditions, a free lice=
nse (but you'd better have a look at and read the trustwar=
e license).
Marco Menardi

--- In IBDI@y..., Alfonso "Rica€  ño" <albringas@y...> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've been using IBX since they were released with D5. Before i was
> using FIB and BDE. But now, with Firebird, i'm doubting if continuing
> using them (IBX) or not. My plans are to use only Firebird in all my
> developments (i'm currently using IB 6.0.1 in some of them and Firebird
> 1.0 in other ones), so i want to know your point of view respect to
> this issue. Could i continue using IBX in my next developments?
> I've seen many ads regarding that IBO and FIBplus are better connection
> components, but my applications use only a few thousand records, so i
> don't think i need more power in connection software.
> Well, i'll wait for your opinions.
> Thanks in advance.
> Best regards,
> Alfonso Ricaño
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