Subject Re: [IBDI] About IBX and Firebird
Author Jason Wharton

I'd like substantiation of what your bugs were. Feel free to send them to
this list or the IBO list or to me privately. If you are unwilling to
substantiate such remarks then I think that is a pretty unfair way to regard
a product which has clearly built a reputation otherwise.

I don't claim IBO is free of bugs and yes there is a lot of application
development richness built-in to high-level modules of the IBO component
suite that some find a little daunting, but I hardly think IBO merits the
degrading tone you have leveled against it.

Seems like we have already been through this once... Is there something you
are still bitter over? I reviewed all our past correspondences and I can
only see me trying to understand your issues and bending over backwards to
try and make you happy. I didn't even see what the bugs you were confronting
were in your correspondences either.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ