Subject Re: [IBDI] IBConsole
Author Daniel Rail
At 05/04/2002 01:15 PM, you wrote:
>Are there any plans to fix IBConsole for Firebird 1?

No there aren't and Borland has no intention in doing so. IBConsole is
developed using Delphi and uses IB Express components, which will never
support Firebird enhancements.

> It was the only free
>tool I could find that acutually seemed to have a user interface that made
>sense, and always worked whenever I did something. True it didn't do much,
>but what it did do worked. Whenever I try using Marathon or IBAccess, it
>takes ages to figure out anything, and then it usually doesn't do the things
>I want because it is working in the wrong dialect or something.

Take a look at IB_SQL from Also, take a look on, there seems to be more there that are free.

>I'm sure both the above products will improve, but as IBConsole worked with
>Firebird 0.9.4, it shouldn't be that hard to patch it to work with 1.0.0. I
>don't have delphi, otherwise I would try myself.

Unfortunately, the source code of IBConsole is not available. And, the
problem with IBConsole comes from a bug fix that was introduced in FB 1.0
and was not done in Interbase, yet.

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