Subject Re: [IBDI] The sore state of our lists
Author Artur Anjos

> As you can see, different people start ideas alike but abandon them
> afterwards. And regarding that "FB Front End Tool", maybe it would be
> to cooperate with an effort already running like IBAccess than to start
> another tool from scratch. We have the lesson learned from IB_Designer...
> started like a young horse but became dead in the race. Or maybe you could
> consider providing a patch for IBConsole so it produces non-ambiguous SQL
> query metadata. (As an anecdote, I knew about a developer that changed
> IBConsole to IBO in his spare time while he was learning IBO basics, for
> example.)
I think the list was created to discuss that outside ib-support and IBDI.
What you have declare here it's what we have been discuss there (I'm putting
myself there, but I joined that list a few days ago and find out that the
discussion is very active there).

Also, there's a pool there running now that is something like 'what do you
think? Create a new one or cooperate with an effort already running?'

> The idea is that the more we want to tackle, the thinner we became and
> that's not good. Let's concentrate resources better. We can end up with
> lists with two people, all of these lists being abandoned as time passes.
Yes, I agree 100% with you. But I think that we don't have to worry about
Yahoo groups: the one's that are important are the ones that are mentioned
in the Firebird Web Site, and are the one's that people use.