Subject Re: The sore state of our lists
Author mmenaz
--- In IBDI@y..., "Claudio Valderrama C." <cvalde@u...> wrote:
> And regarding that "FB Front End Tool", maybe it would be better
> to cooperate with an effort already running like IBAccess than to start
> another tool from scratch. We have the lesson learned from IB_Designer... it
> started like a young horse but became dead in the race. Or maybe you could
> consider providing a patch for IBConsole so it produces non-ambiguous SQL to
> query metadata. (As an anecdote, I knew about a developer that changed
> IBConsole to IBO in his spare time while he was learning IBO basics, for
> example.)

There is Marathon that is based upon IBO and it's open source! Seems it has been abandoned (I've written to the mantainer to join the developement, but no reply at all).
IBO seems the best fundation we can have for FIrebird compatibility and rich functionality, and Jason is a very kind and open person.
Claudio, could you have a look at Marathon and tell me how we could "take control" of it? In these 2-3 weeks I'm REALLY busy with my main, already too late to release, main project, but after those bad times I would be very very happy to collaborate in a Marathon developement for FB community, and I'm sure Helen and Geoff and other's IBO users (too many to list here) would help me kindly.
I'm using a commercial product, QuickDesk, and find it's functionality is really good (apart some problems) for developement in FB. We could add the missing to marathon, and we could add API debugging to FB too since SP/Trigger debuggin is a big issue in a really C/S desing, where work is server-centric.
Marco Menardi