Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: [ib-support] OT: comments re: attracting users to interbase
Author David Warnock

> The GPL is the most restrictive licence around, you are effectively
> limited to producing "free" software with it, because anybody else
> can re-distribute that software for free, your hopes of actually
> making money, are slim to none. In some cases you don't have a
> choice, if the library you want to use is GPL then you can't make
> money off your work, and that isn't always a good thing. This is
> why there are so many variants of the GPL like the MPL, IPL, etc.

I GPL'ed one of our products a year ago, since then we have had no drop
in income and gained some new income. We have also been able to use new
higher quality libraries.

As software sales are replaced by services the GPL will be less of an
impact on income anyway.