Subject Re: [IBDI] RE: OT: Sports tank (was: comments re: attracting users to Firebird)
Author Paul Reeves
Artur Anjos wrote:
> > In some parts of my app I need to get access to gbak.exe or other tools.
> > Since there is no environment variable "INTERBASE" set during
> installation,
> > I use the registry to locate those binary files:
> > HKLM\SOFTWARE\Borland\InterBase\CurrentVersion
> > I've noticed that RC2 still creates this registry entry, as well as a new
> > entry
> > HKLM\SOFTWARE\FirebirdSQL\Firebird\CurrentVersion
> >
> Can someone confirm if this will be a Standard in FireBird win installation?

No - I think we may still need to discuss precisely what the string should be.
The above was just floated as an idea. Feedback is welcome. Essentially the
format is HKLM\SOFTWARE\VendorName\Product\ which I believe the above string
largely fulfills. It allows the Firebird project to release other
applications. Perhaps the big question, for the project itself to decide, is
whether the vendor name should be FirebirdSQL or something else.

But for now it is academic. The Borland\InterBase string is the one that is
used internally in Fb 1.0.


Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further